A New Breed of Entrepreneurs Creating Community in Downtown Las Vegas

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The Downtown Project Las Vegas’ new breed of entrepreneurs is inspiring, energetic and completely sane enough to have the courage to believe in a vision bigger than them. And all of that purposeful innovation is centered on community.  In fact, transplanted locals from years ago as well as the newly arrived, are the foundation and backbone of this extraordinary and growing community of thinkers and doers.

My first introduction to this bohemian-like, in your face bold yet brilliant type of entrepreneurial spirit, was inside the restaurant Eat while interviewing Chef Natalie Young.  She was adamant that serendipity played an important role in her current success story.  It was the people she met, not just money or luck which gave her the opportunity to remain in Las Vegas and forego a return to New Mexico. It was people, definitely key people like the owner of The Beat, the now infamous coffee bar and, of course, Tony Hsieh who embraced her unique vision and co-joined it with their own.

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