Episode 4 – Do Well So You Can Do More Good

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A MUST HEAR for all business owners, entrepreneurs, and restaurant managers. Chef Nat explains how success is measured in happiness, and not through your bank account. “ The Better I do the more I can help people… The more I can help the community… The more I can give… The more I can spread the LOVE. Kids and dogs don’t have a choice.” With a surprise visit from Chef Nat and Angie’s friend, Nina Nicole, the topic of second chances gets heavy with “expectations” being called out as “instant resentment”.

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Episode 3 – Speak Your Truth

REAL TALK - Chef Nat, Angie, and featured guest, Valerie Stunning of Paradise City Creamery talk about doing the best you can with what you have. Besides what’s happening from the outside in, don’t be afraid to talk about from the inside out. We don’t have control on...

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